How To Save A Marriage

Thursday, October 1, 2009

How To Save A Marriage

Are you thinking of ways to save your marriage? I am sure you are tired of all the arguments,tears and sadness. You desire to fix the problems in the marriage and you want to do something to save back your relationship.

What kinds of situation are you in now?

- Arguing over the smallest issues

- You no longer feel love in the marriage

- Everything seems to be very boring and not to talk about having sex.

- Your spouse says "He doesn't love you anymore"

- Both of you were living like "room mates"

- You or your spouse is having an affair

- You hate about his bad habits


You can save your marriage as long as you avoid to do all these:

~ When you want to stop your spouse from leaving you, you should NEVER CRY, BEG OR KNEEL. This will only make you desperate.

~ If your wife or husband says he needs space and time to be alone. Just give it to them. Calling or text messaging non-stop will only make them more frustrated.

~ "I swear I will never do it again, I swear I will change my ways." How many times are you going to swear and promise? Do you think your spouse will believe it?

~ Never push the blame away. The main responsibility to keep a marriage happy should be both of you. Never try to explain that the mistakes weren't your fault. It is going to make them more pissed off.

~ Don't always think that apologizing can solve everything. You should only apologize when you know what really went wrong with the marriage and not just apologize for the sake of doing it.

Don't give up hope yet, even if you are the only one who is trying to save back the marriage. Find out the tactics that can help to win back your wife or husband.


It is definitely devastating to discover a infidelity in the marriage. Trust is lost and many will seriously think of ending their marriage because of the affair. Recovering from infidelity will take some time and effort to rebuild the lost trust and love. There are many proven and great ways to save a marriage after an affair, just that more hard work is needed to do so.

Will there be trust after infidelity? The healing must begin if you want to save back your marriage.

- End the affair immediately and break off all your contacts with your lover.

- Reassurance. The spouse who discovered the affair will feel insecure, hurt and rage and sad. They will feel discouraged and emotional, this is a normal reaction that the cheated spouse will feel this way, hence provide him or her with constant comfort and reassurance.

- Honesty. Be frank in everything you do. If your spouse is curious about your whereabout everytime after the affair, just be honest and upfront. It is better than letting your spouse to guess each time.

No marriage is perfect. Couples who successfully rebuild their marriages recognize the importance of understand each other's needs, compromise, respect and honesty. Forgiveness doesn't just happen over the night. You will need to be patient as it takes time and effort to repair a marriage.

Rekindle A Marriage Is Still Possible!

Many couples often think a marriage is hopeless when there are problems in it. The fact is if you think about it carefully, who doesn't disagree and fight in a marriage? Many fought, kissed and made up in the end. For whatsoever reasons, you may feel that there is a distance in your relationship. The idea of finding back your lost self is easy, just go back to where you are and who you are.

Tip 1: Be attractive

Remember those days that you spent hours setting a nice hair style, choosing the best outfit to meet your wife or husband. What have you become now? Be Attractive is one of the tips to rekindle a marriage.

Tip 2: Be sweet and mushy

Your spouse will not find you disgusting when you do that. Plan for surprises and go on dates again. Hug or kiss her like you used to be.

Tip 3: Do things together

Spend more thing to do things together. This create strong bonding in the marriage. It is just like how you bond with your friends.

Tip 4: Discuss Freely

Do not expect your spouse to understand your thinking all the time. Tell your spouse what you want and let him understand your needs. Discuss and ask for your spouse's opinion is also a form of respect.

Tip 5: Compromise

We all compromise in a marriage. You can't expect yourself to win all the time. Give and take will make both of you live better together.

Mignon McLaughlin says:
"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."

Don't you agree the above marriage quote is quite true? I personally think that it sounds so true! So, learn how to fall in love with your wife or husband again if you want to know how to save a marriage.